Archive Month: November 2022

Use Dates for Healthy Skin

Dates are one of the sweetest fruits in the world. As we said earlier, this fruit consists of vitamins such as: B1, B2, A, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. […]

Fresh Fruits Are Always Healing!

Olive oil is a traditional cooking fat that’s been in use in the Mediterranean regions because Biblical occasions, and most likely dates back to previously than that. Above and beyond […]

Date cake recipe

Date cake is one of the types of cake that contains natural sugar and rich in minerals due to the use of Pengedar¬†Kurma¬†Shah Alam. There are many recipes and recipes […]

Don’t throw away dates seeds

Date seed, which makes up 6-15% of the total weight of a ripe date, is actually a by-product of the date fruit and is mainly produced in the Middle East […]

What are the properties of date syrup for the face?

Date syrup has many minerals and vitamins, among the most important minerals and vitamins in it, we can mention vitamin B and iron, which can be beneficial for the health […]

Ajwa Dates Are Super Foods

Whether you are looking for a great tasting date for breakfast or for a snack, there are many varieties of Ajwa Dates to choose from. They have a variety of […]

Magics of dates for the hair

Today, most people, especially women, suffer from a lot of discomfort due to their hair loss and multiple damages. Deficiency of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B interferes with […]

Ajwa Dates’ Amazing Health Benefits

Having Ajwa Dates in your diet has a lot of benefits. It helps lower cholesterol levels, reduces triglycerides, and improves your immune system. It also helps to prevent heart attacks […]

Things to do to avoid bloating?

In order not to get bloated, observe the following points: Put the morsels of food in your mouth one by one, chew and after swallowing completely, put the next morsel […]

Consider a diet rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that the human body makes naturally. But you can also get antioxidants from different foods. They protect the human body against harmful molecules called free radicals. Free […]