Archive Month: October 2021

Uses of Date Palm

Palm oil and date palms have been a part of the human culture for centuries. It is widely accepted as a stimulant of all kinds of food and drink, including […]

Date Palm Cultivation – Growing a Healthy Cash crop

Date palms are some of the finest exotic palms grown in India. The palms are well known for their beauty and rarity. If palm cultivation is properly managed and protected, […]

Dried Fruit Desserts

Dates fruit is a big staple of the Mediterranean diet. It’s a healthy choice that provides a lot of nutritional value. The dates are the most widely eaten fruit in […]

Popular Activities in Ajwa, Malaysia

Ajwa dates back to Malaysia’s early days. This coastal city has been enjoying the unique life of a coconut plantation along the shores of peninsular Sunda Sarawak. This unique trade […]

Saving Money On Dates Fruit Wholesales

  You can buy dates from dates fruit wholesalers. There are different kinds of this fruit which are used for different purposes. Dried fruits, raw fruits, juices, preserves, and nuts […]