Don’t throw away dates seeds

Date seed, which makes up 6-15% of the total weight of a ripe date, is actually a by-product of the date fruit and is mainly produced in the Middle East and especially in the United Arab Emirates. In the past, Arabs usually threw away the seed or used it as animal feed. But today, all societies have become aware of the properties of date seeds.


Date seed consists of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fat, ash and protein. In addition, the antioxidant content of date seed oil (DSO) is similar to olive oil, which can serve as a good source of antioxidants to meet consumer needs.

Properties of date seeds for health

Date seed is a byproduct of date grinding. The nucleus consists of a hard shell, usually rectangular or ventrally grooved. The weight of the date seed is 0.5 to 4 grams and it makes up 6 to 20% of the weight of the fruit depending on the maturity, variety and quality of the date. Date seeds or date seeds have amazing medicinal properties. Below are the most important properties of date seeds:

Prevent DNA damage

According to a study, date seeds have shown a protective effect against chemical-induced liver damage and DNA oxidative damage. Date seed protects against liver toxicity and this liver protective effect can be attributed to antioxidant activities and inhibition of free radicals.

Treatment of blood sugar problems

Date seed is useful in treating blood sugar problems, diabetes and related complications. According to recent research, date seed has shown potential protective effects against early complications of liver and kidney diabetes.

Antiviral agents

Date seed acts as an antiviral agent against various human pathogenic viruses. Date seeds can be useful in the treatment and prevention of many types of viral infections. Research has shown that date extract has a strong ability to prevent Pseudomonas phage infection.

Prevent kidney and liver damage

Among the properties of date seeds, we can mention its effects in preventing kidney damage. Date seeds are rich in proanthocyanidins, which actually help protect the liver and kidneys from damage. One study showed that date seed extract is rich in proanthocyanidins and protects against kidney and liver chemical toxicity.

Rich in antioxidants

Date seeds are rich in antioxidants and have the ability to remove free radicals. This core helps protect the body against oxidative stress damage. In a recent research, the antioxidant potential of date seeds protein hydrolysates can be used as a potential functional food for health promotion. Other research showed that Iranian date seeds are a strong absorber of radicals and can be considered a good source of natural antioxidants for medicinal and commercial uses.