Olive oil is a traditional cooking fat that’s been in use in the Mediterranean regions because Biblical occasions, and most likely dates back to previously than that. Above and beyond traditional cooking, it also has a number of health benefits.

We also know that dried fruits like raisins and dates are a good source of fiber. The most obvious benefit of fiber is that it encourages normal bowel actions, which will improve overall digestive well being. Studies have also shown that high fiber diets can decrease cholesterol levels and might even decrease the risk of particular kinds of most cancers.

Instead, these weight loss plans have a tendency to concentrate on tips on how to shed weight fast and food deprivation in purchase to get the outcomes many individuals are looking for in the brief term. The good information is that you don’t need to pour via books, posts on the Internet, or excess weight reduction ideas in order to get the job done. Benefits of dates fruits will painlessly give you the results you’re looking for (especially how to lose excess weight quick without pills).

This is about the size of a standard deck of taking part in cards, and should take up no much more than a quarter of your supper plate. Veggies and date fruits benefits should consider an additional fifty percent, with the final quarter still left to whole grains.

Almonds contain calcium and vitamin E, both of which ensure the health of your hair and nails. A handful of almonds will provide your body with the daily calcium requirement. In addition to strengthening bones, almonds also help in weight loss, colon and heart health.

Oats are also a relatively good source of protein. Also, this grain lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. On the other hand, it is very filling and plays an important role in weight loss.


A healthy diet contains sufficient amounts of all the nutrients that the body needs.

In addition to the three main elements of fat, protein and carbohydrates like dates fruit, your diet should also have a sufficient amount of the following substances:

Micronutrients: Micronutrients include important vitamins and minerals that you need in smaller amounts. The daily requirement of each micronutrient varies between people. Some of the most common micronutrients include:

Magnesium and potassium: Magnesium is involved in more than 600 cellular processes, including energy production, nervous system function, and muscle contraction. Potassium is also a mineral that is important for blood pressure control, fluid balance, and muscle and nerve function.

Iron: Iron, which is mainly known as the carrier of oxygen in the blood, has other benefits as well. Including improving immune function and brain activity.

Calcium: It is an important structural component of bones and teeth and is also a key mineral for your heart, muscles and nervous system.

Vitamins: Vitamins play an important role in every organ and cell in the body. You need to get all the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet to survive.

Vegetables and fruits: Fruits and vegetables are rich in natural fiber and provide vitamins and minerals needed by the body. This category of food has very few calories and is useful for the healthy functioning of the body. Doctors recommend that half of your plate should be vegetables or fruit at each meal. It is better to include a range of different colors of fruits and vegetables in your diet to get a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This food category should have a prominent presence in most meals. Vegetables are low in calories but full of important micronutrients and fiber. Fruits provide micronutrients and antioxidants that can help improve health.

Nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds are one of the best sources of fat available and also contain important micronutrients.

Eggs: Eggs are considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet. This food is a powerful combination of protein, healthy fats and micronutrients.

Dairy products: Dairy products such as yogurt and milk are good sources of protein and calcium.

Beans and legumes: These super food sources contain fiber, protein and micronutrients.

Drinks: Most of your fluids should be water.

Eating some fruits and vegetables is very useful for improving memory. For example, using a mixture of pistachios, figs and almonds strengthens memory. Also, grapes are very useful for memory. Those who

What fruits are useful for improving memory?

Eating some fruits and vegetables is very useful for improving memory. For example, using a mixture of pistachios, figs and almonds strengthens memory. Also, grapes are very useful for memory. Those who have a lot of intellectual activities are suggested to eat 5 almonds daily.

– To strengthen memory, eat 20 pistachios with 3 dates for breakfast.

– Eat Kurma Rotab Mazafati Bam Seri kembangan with breakfast to strengthen memory.

– Persimmon jam should be used to strengthen the mind.

Those who have a lot of intellectual work should eat apricots between meals.

– To strengthen the mind and memory, olive tree gum should be used as a sucker.

– Banana increases children’s intelligence and memory.

– Coconut should be eaten with sugar at 10 am.

– Eating watermelon seeds is effective for treating mental deficiencies and mental strengthening in children and teenagers.

– Orange strengthens and relaxes the brain.

– Eat 10 pistachio seeds 3 days a week with raisins.

– Use this formula to stimulate the central nervous system and strengthen the brain: 50 grams of Chilgoza Pine nuts, 10 grams of frankincense powder, 30 grams of walnuts, and 150 grams of honey. First, we powder frankincense, then we add Chilgoza Pine nuts and walnuts to it, and when they are all powdered, we add honey to it, one tablespoon a day with a glass of orange juice, pomegranate or carrot juice.

– Those who have cerebral hyperemia should eat an apple a day.

– Fresh coconut with honey strengthens brain cells and removes mental retardation.

– Coconut water is very suitable for treating mental disorders, especially brain fatigue and mental weakness.

When it comes to snacks, the general impression is on foods such as chips, puffs, etc. Different types of snacks can be found in different categories such as biscuits, wafers, chocolates, toffees, candies, puffs, chips, popcorn, chewing gum, pastilles, etc. In this article, we are going to introduce you the best and most popular types of snacks for parties to increase the pleasure of your parties.

Dried sweet apricots:

dried sweet apricot and is one of the most popular snacks for get-togethers. In addition to its pleasant taste and delicious appearance, dried sweet apricot contains vitamins C and A, potassium, fiber and many other nutrients. It also contains dietary fiber, beta carotene, iron, potassium, etc. On the other hand, cassava is an excellent source of dietary fiber, especially pectin and cellulose. This property of fibers reduces the increased levels of LDL and cholesterol. Fibers are also useful for preventing cancer and type 2 diabetes. Fibers improve the functioning of the digestive system and facilitate the transfer of excreta in the digestive tract. Therefore, it is useful for people prone to constipation. In addition to the mentioned properties, the delicious taste of dried sweet apricot has made it popular among people and is one of the popular snacks at parties.


Dried cherries

Due to its sour and delicious taste, as well as its ability to be stored for a long time, dried cherries have been the focus of people for various purposes and parties since the past. Consuming dried cherries with salt is one of the most enjoyable foods that is very popular among different age groups. On the other hand, dried cherries have many properties that we have discussed here.


Due to its sufficient amount of boron and vitamin D, dried cherries provide bone health and prevent osteoporosis. Dried cherries contain various amounts of antioxidants, including anthocyanin, phytochemicals, and flavonol. The presence of these antioxidants reduces the growth of cancer cells, improves blood circulation and heart health, etc. and prevents the occurrence of various diseases. Consuming dried cherries also lowers blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. Among the other properties of dry cherry consumption, we can mention things such as peaceful and comfortable sleep, slimming and weight loss, anti-cancer activity and its anti-constipation properties.

Nuts and dried fruits have a high nutritional value and although they have a high price, they prevent the occurrence of many diseases.

Brains contain healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, they are good materials for feeding and supplying energy to the body. Also, brains have oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids, which the body cannot produce and must supply from outside on a daily basis. These fats have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it should be known that the daily consumption of brains makes the immune system perform better against viruses.


Almonds are rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium and iron. It also contains healthy fats, vegetable proteins, the right amount of soluble fibers in water, vitamins of group E and B. For this reason, it has a great effect on the immune system.


Hazelnuts have a high amount of folic acid. Hazelnut also has unsaturated fats and vitamin E, which makes it have a good effect on the immune system. Hazelnuts are also considered tonic and nutritious because they contain iron, magnesium and manganese.


Folic acid and protein are the constituents of peanuts. Also, this substance has a great effect on reducing blood cholesterol because it contains omega-6 fats and fiber. By consuming peanuts, a significant amount of energy, calcium and iron reaches the body. Due to its ingredients, peanuts have a good effect on the immune system.


Pistachios are the best type of nuts to maintain the immune system because they contain amino acids that stimulate the body’s immune system. Pistachios are rich in calcium, phosphorus and copper. Pistachios are also a rich source of iron, potassium and vitamin E.


Nuts and dried fruits have anti-inflammatory properties. As you know better, inflammation is the body’s defense method against injury, bacteria and other potentially harmful factors.

However, chronic and long-term inflammation can cause damage to organs and thus increase the risk of contracting various diseases. Researches indicate the fact that the consumption of nuts and nuts are very effective and efficient in reducing inflammation.

A study of the Mediterranean diet found that people who included daily nuts in their diet saw a 35% reduction in markers of C-reactive protein (CRP) and a 90% reduction in interleukin-6 (IL-6).

Similarly, other types of nuts such as nuts such as pistachios, Brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds are very effective in reducing inflammation in healthy people and people with dangerous diseases such as diabetes and kidney diseases.

However, a study on almond consumption in healthy adults showed that there was little difference between the group that consumed this food and the control group in the level of inflammation in their body; However, the same study noted that a small number of inflammatory markers were reduced in those who consumed almonds.


Summary: Researches have proven that the consumption of nuts and various types of nuts is very effective in reducing inflammation, especially in people with diabetes, kidney diseases and other dangerous diseases.