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Promoting Date Consumption and Health Awareness in Malaysia

    Introduction In Malaysia, Kedai Kurma refers to date shops or establishments that specialize in offering a wide variety of dates to consumers. With the rising popularity of dates […]

harga kurma

What Is Kedai Kurma? Malaysia’s Dates Fruit Market

  Introduction: Unveiling the World of Kedai Kurma and Dates Fruit In this blog post, we embark on a journey to explore the world of Kedai Kurma (dates fruit shop) […]

Dates Help Your Skin Glow

Dry, sweet and juicy dates are one of the popular snacks in the Middle East. Dates are part of family of fruits and they exist in many different colors, sizes […]

Eat Healthy!

  The 7 unique properties of pistachios for the health of the body are: The best food to reduce stress It prevents constipation and facilitates elimination. It helps in having […]