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How much fruit should a person eat during pregnancy?

It is recommended for pregnant women to eat at least 5 pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, and it is better to diversify them as much as they can. Fruits include fresh, canned, frozen and dry types.

Consumption of dates is recommended to pregnant women because of the nutritious compounds in it. This food is rich in iron, folate, vitamin K, magnesium and fiber and helps prevent and treat anemia, treat constipation, better fetal growth and supply The energy needed by the body helps.



As a general principle, fruits are served in two ways.


For fruits larger than a tennis ball, one piece

A cup of chopped fruit

Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy provides the nutrients needed for the baby’s growth. It also reduces the risk of some diseases and defects and helps the mother’s nutrition.




What fruits are forbidden to eat during pregnancy?

It is not forbidden to eat certain fruits during pregnancy. However, one should be careful in the amount of consumption. Some fruits are high in sugar and certain forms of them such as fruit juice and dried fruits have higher sugar and calories than their fresh counterparts.


Buying organic fruits ensures the absence of pesticides and chemical toxins that may reduce the quality of the fruit. However, if you do not have access to organic fruit, it is better to use non-organic fruits and do not remove the fruit from your diet.


The important thing is to wash any bacteria or pests that may be on the fruit before eating. It is also very important to observe the following points:


Removing the bruised parts of the fruit, which are more likely to contain bacteria

Keeping fruit in a separate part of the refrigerator so that they are not exposed to raw meat

Avoid using pre-cut lemons

Drinking pasteurized and boiled fruit juice



Important point in pregnancy

Fruit is an excellent source of nutrients needed by the body during pregnancy. Fruits provide vitamins, folates, fiber and other nutrients to the body that help the health of the mother and baby. It also plays a role in relieving pain and some common problems during pregnancy.


Pregnant women should eat at least 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables during the day. The 12 fruits mentioned in this article are especially good choices for pregnancy. Pregnant women should also limit their intake of dried fruit and fruit juice as they may contain more calories and energy than fresh fruit.