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Inappropriate foods for menstruation; What not to eat during period

During menstruation, your body feels an imbalance in hormones, and the reason for this is blood loss, and for this reason, you need to eat foods containing fiber and protein, which include prohibited and harmful foods for this period. We present to you:


Processed foods


Foods that are high in chemicals, such as canned foods, processed meats, and dairy products, worsen the feeling of bloating and excess water in the body. These foods also contain high salt, which is harmful especially during menstruation.


Harmful chocolates and snacks


If you have a sweet tooth, you can satisfy it through fruits. You definitely don’t have to buy sweet and factory snacks that are not only not good for you, but also cause gas and bloating.


Spicy and spicy foods


If your period or menstruation is heavy, you must be very tired, heavy bleeding and a lot of pain. Spicy foods can increase your bloating and gas.


Although you don’t have to remove them completely. Natural organic spices such as fresh pepper also have anti-cancer substances and are beneficial for the body.


Spices such as fennel, coriander, cardamom and saffron can help your digestion and reduce the pains of this period.


Do not drink caffeine


Consumption of caffeinated drinks increases stomach acid, these drinks are not suitable during menstruation and for irritable stomach.




Coffee increases blood flow and heart rate, which worsens menstrual and period pains. If you have a regular habit of drinking coffee, be sure to choose an alternative during this time.