Delicious Dessert with Dates

How to prepare date truffles


dates: half a kilo

Chopped walnuts: 1 cup

Chopped pistachios: 1 cup

Sesame, cocoa powder and coconut: some for decoration

Steps to prepare date truffles:

Kurma Rotab dates are very suitable for making date truffles because of their stickiness. First, separate the dates and wash them. Put the washed dates in a colander to remove excess water.

Remove the core and skin of the dates and put them in a container. Pour chopped walnuts and chopped pistachios into the dates and stir until they are completely mixed, take a walnut-sized portion of the mixture and roll it in your hand.

Roll some in sesame, some in coconut powder and the rest in cocoa powder and put in a container. Place the dates in the refrigerator for an hour until the dates are completely set.