Date palm, is one of the most abundant and popular fruits across the world. In the North Africa Region and in the Middle East, Dates Fruit acknowledged as a food security crop since last 5,000 years.

Date palm is one of the oldest trees cultivated by man. Different texture, flavor and colour, presence of phenolic oxidants and dietry fibre are the leading causes for its great demand and popularity. Among the large variation, Buah Kurma is one of the famous and demanding variety in Malaysia and other countries in the world.

Alike the date fruits, the palm trees are considered as sacred tree in the middle east. The name of the date palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera) is the latin name derived from Greek Phoenix daktulous, which means red or purple finger.

Date fruits are credited for its bouncy medicinal properties. As per studies, date benefits for health is so extensive that the demand of this particular fruit is increasing with time.

Dates are acknowledged for its’ high amount of natural sugar and it is really an interesting fact that dried dates contain a higher calorie than the fresh dates fruit. Due to the calorie content quality the demand of this middle east fruit is rising rapidly.

The date palms are harvested by the local farmers. After that it is exported all over the world.

Most of the health experts of the Middle East prefer and prescribe it as the staple diet.  The Muslims consider it as one of the significant opening fruit during the season of fasting.  Due to the high nutrient content present in this fruit it is a very

It’s almost a staple diet to the practitioners of Islam around the world and is one of the important opening fruit during the season of fasting. This is due to the high nutrient content present in the fruit which makes it an excellent choice to start the day with. More info about Pemborong Kurma Malaysia.

Health Benefits of Dates

The high nutrient content of the date fruit has lifted it an essential for a comprehensive fruit diet. Here we are discussing about the various benefits that dates for your health.

Dates are full of nutritious value. It is packed with numbers of essential vitamins and other nutrients which are extremely helpful to your overall health. This fruit is also rich in carbs and fibre which makes it one of the healthiest dry fruits.

With such high concentration of vitamins and essential nutrients dates are celebrated one of the most favored fruits all over the world. The antioxidants properties of dates can boost your cardiac and pulmonary health up in a huge manner.  Not only so, the high antioxidant ratio also helps to prevent dangerous diseases like cancer. As per some studies, dates have anti-mutagenic along with anti-carcinogenic properties.

The presence of inflammatory markers is not a good sign for your neural health and so, it should be considered with extreme care. Interleukin, a kind of inflammatory cytokines can be threatening for your brain. The presence of Interleukin 6 (IL-6) in high level can lead you to Alzheimer’s disease.

As per health expertise, regular consuming of dates can reduce the IL-6 levels and thus it lessens the risk of developing brain degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s.

According to another study, the inclusion of date palm in the regular diet can reduce the production of plaques which may harm the brain and leads to Alzheimer’s gradually.

On the other hand, consuming dates boosts up learning and memory and reduces the problems related to anxiety disorder.

As the dates are rich in fibre, it is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from lots of health issues due to irregular bowel movements.

As per studies, it has been proved that some diseases, like colorectal cancer which is a bowel and intestine issue can be prevent by taking approximately 7 to 8 dates per day.  This amount of consuming dates everyday works well for regular bowel movement and frequent stool production.

It was also observed that if the dates are consumed everyday it can reduce Ammonia so significantly. Therefore, it can be said that the effect dates have on your overall diet and health is incomparable and the habit of regular consumption of dates can help you to get an improved and healthier lifestyle.

Cancer, the fatal disease taking a lot of lives around the globe every day.  besides, this disease imposes aa huge financial burden upon the families of the victims.

The health practitioners point to the rapid changes of our lifestyle, food habits in modern time for the frequency of this particular diseases.

So, they always recommend to follow a healthy diet besides healthy lifestyle. Even the dietitians also consider dates fruit as a component of healthy diet chart, because dates contain some properties such as beta D-glucan which helps to promote an anti-tumour activity in your body.

The mutation of the genetic matter within cells leads to the abnormal multiplication of cells and tumour is the result of it. The useful properties present in Dates reduces the aromatase activity of CPY-450. It prevents the abnormal genetic mutations which may cause tumour. In addition, the high absorption of antioxidants in dates also helps in reducing the activities of free radicals and thus it decreases the chances of cancer from happening.

Inclusion of dates in daily diet can help a lot in reducing the risk of cancer and also helps to reduce the occurrence of benign tumours.

A huge number of people are suffering from Diabetes Mellitus worldwide.  According to health experts, intaking of too much unhealthy fast food, high calory food, sugar are leading causes for diabetes. The treatment for diabetes is not only a painstaking procedure but costly enough. In addition, this particular disease affects badly on the overall health of the patient.

Though, it is still under research that how dates can help to reduce the side effects of diabetes, it is the proven truth that dates have the capability to enhance the production ofc insulin and also provide support to reduce the rate of absorption of glucose from the intestine.

Therefore, you should include dates to your regular diet to be healthy. Now, you can buy dates online or acquire it from the Dates Wholesale market.

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