Date cake is one of the types of cake that contains natural sugar and rich in minerals due to the use of Pengedar Kurma Shah Alam.

There are many recipes and recipes for preparing date cake and other cakes in cookbooks or internet sites, but what is important is that we have fun while cooking and eating it and have memorable times with our family or anyone. We love, create.

Ingredients for making date cake

White flour 2 cups

Brown sugar 1 and a half cups

milk | 1 glass

Baking powder 1 and a half teaspoons

Cinnamon 1 teaspoon

Salt 1 teaspoon

baking soda | Half a teaspoon

Korea 1 cup

Sour cream 1 cup

Vanilla 1 teaspoon

Egg | 3 Number

Dates 6 to 10 pieces based on the size of the date

Necessary ingredients for preparing caramel sauce to decorate the cake

Brown sugar half a cup

Korea half a cup

Vanilla 1 teaspoon

Sour cream 4/3 cups

Salt 1 and a half teaspoons

Dates 2 pitted dates

Cake preparation steps

  • Turn on the oven and set it to 350 degrees Celsius.
  • Place the brown sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, baking soda and 2 cups of flour in a large bowl and mix with a mixer on low speed. Add the butter that has been at room temperature for a few minutes and the milk slowly until it resembles coarse sand. Add the sour cream and vanilla and continue mixing until the dough becomes thick and uniform. Add 1 egg and mix for 30 seconds. Repeat this with 2 more eggs and after each addition, increase the speed of the mixer and mix for 30 seconds. Then add the dates and mix for 30 seconds.
  • Pour the prepared dough into the prepared pan and smooth its surface and leave it in the preheated oven for 40 minutes. After removing the cake from the oven, wait for 20 minutes until the cake cools down. And then remove it from the mold.

Preparation steps of caramel sauce

  • Mix brown sugar and butter in a small saucepan over low heat for 4 to 6 minutes until thick and smooth. Remove the pot from the heat and add vanilla, sour cream and salt.
  • Place the pitted dates on the cake. Using a cup, pour the sauce you prepared in the previous step on the cake and dates. Sprinkle some salt on the cake. Serve the cake with the remaining sour cream and caramel sauce. You can enjoy this delicious cake with hot drinks like tea or coffee.

In order not to get bloated, observe the following points:

Put the morsels of food in your mouth one by one, chew and after swallowing completely, put the next morsel in your mouth.

Eat with your lips closed.

Do not talk while eating.

Chew food thoroughly.

Do not drink water or soft drinks with food.

Fruits like Pengedar Kurma Green Diamond, vegetables, whole grains and legumes contribute to a healthy diet. Enrich your diet with these fiber-rich foods that play a major role in regulating bowel function, preventing constipation and bloating.

What foods are flatulent?

Hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs

Peeled dates, honey, orange peel jam


Boiled meat such as boiled chicken, cooked muscle

Grilled chicken, roast fillet, steak in the oven without oil (steak)

Grilled liver (chicken, sheep, beef liver)

Meat puree, carrot puree

Mint, mint gum, thyme

Boiled cauliflower, mushrooms boiled in water (without oil)

Orange juice, brewed from orange peel

Cinnamon (prohibited for diabetics)

Antioxidants are compounds that the human body makes naturally. But you can also get antioxidants from different foods. They protect the human body against harmful molecules called free radicals. Free radicals may accumulate and cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress unfortunately increases the risk of heart disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes and many other chronic diseases.

Fortunately, a diet rich in antioxidants can help neutralize free radicals and reduce the risk of these chronic diseases. Consuming different foods that were introduced in this article can help to strengthen the blood antioxidant level and bring many benefits to human health.

Scientists use several tests to measure the level of antioxidants in foods. One of the best tests is FRAP (plasma iron reducing ability). This test measures a food’s antioxidant level by how well it neutralizes certain free radicals. The higher the amount of FRAP, the more antioxidants in the food.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is very nutritious and contains more cocoa, minerals and antioxidants than regular chocolate.

According to FRAP, there are up to 15 mmol of antioxidants per 100 grams of dark chocolate. This amount is even higher than the antioxidant found in blueberries and raspberries; The same amount of blueberries and raspberries have 2.9 and 3.2 mmol of antioxidants, respectively.


Antioxidants in cocoa and dark chocolate also have tremendous benefits for human health, including reducing and treating inflammation and reducing risk factors for heart disease.

For example, a review of 10 studies looked at the relationship between cocoa consumption and blood pressure in healthy people and those with high blood pressure. Consuming products rich in cocoa, such as dark chocolate, reduces systolic blood pressure by about 4.5 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by about 2.5 mmHg.

Another study showed that dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease by increasing the level of antioxidants in the blood, increasing the level of good cholesterol and preventing the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Oxidized bad cholesterol is harmful because it causes inflammation of the blood vessels and may lead to an increased risk of heart disease.


Dates are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that have countless properties. The antioxidant properties of Pengedar Kurma Green Diamond prevent the occurrence of stomach ulcers; it also reduces the incidence of colon and stomach cancer.


Pecans are a type of nut that grows in Mexico and South America. They are a good source of healthy fats and minerals, and contain plenty of antioxidants. According to the FRAP study, there are up to 6.10 mmol of antioxidants per 100 grams of pecan.


In addition, pecans can help to raise blood antioxidant levels. For example, a study shows that people who get 20% of their daily calories from pecans, their blood antioxidant levels increase significantly.

In another study, those who took pecans had 26 to 33 percent less oxidized bad cholesterol in their blood within two to eight hours. A high level of oxidized bad cholesterol in the blood is a risk factor for heart disease.

Although pecans are a great source of healthy fats, they are also high in calories. Therefore, they should be consumed in moderation.


Blueberry is low in calories, but has many nutrients and antioxidants. According to the FRAP study, there are up to 2.9 mmol of antioxidants per 100 grams of blueberries. Some studies even indicate that among the fruits and vegetables that are commonly consumed, blueberries have the highest amount of antioxidants.


In addition, laboratory research and animal studies have shown that the antioxidants in blueberries delay the decline in brain function that occurs with age. Researchers say the antioxidants in blueberries cause this. They believe that the antioxidants in blueberries neutralize harmful free radicals, reduce inflammation, and change the state of certain genes.

Blueberry antioxidants, especially anthocyanins, reduce the risk factors of heart disease by reducing bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure.


Hazelnut is one of the relatively high-calorie seeds. 100 grams of these nuts have about 628 calories. 30 grams of these seeds have about 4 grams of protein and 5 grams of carbohydrates. Of this amount of carbohydrates, 2.7 grams of hazelnuts have dietary fiber. Hazelnut contains plant chemical compounds such as proanthocyanidin, quercetin and kaempferol. Proanthocyanidins belong to the group of flavonoids. Studies have shown that flavonoids are effective in maintaining brain health, improving blood circulation and reducing allergy-related symptoms. Therefore, consuming some hazelnuts as a snack can have all these benefits for the body. In the following, we will learn more about the properties of hazelnuts.


One of the unique features of hazelnut is the high level of folate in it. 100 grams of hazelnuts provide about 28% of the daily requirement of this vitamin for the body. Folate is one of the most important B complex vitamins that helps prevent many diseases, including neural tube defects in newborns. Therefore, like sesame seeds, hazelnuts are considered one of the most useful seeds for pregnant women.

In addition to folate, hazelnuts are rich in other B vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, and pyridoxine (vitamin B6), all of which have many benefits for the health of the body. Hazelnut seeds are also rich in minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Copper and manganese are considered as essential materials for antioxidant enzymes and their activity. Therefore, they play an important role in antioxidant activities. Iron helps prevent anemia-related diseases. In addition, magnesium and phosphorus are important components of bone metabolism. Therefore, with these nutrients, hazelnuts play an important role in maintaining the health of all body organs.

Dates are a rich source of protein, fiber and many different vitamins, while being very low in fat. Also, this nutritious fruit contains a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber, which is very useful for maintaining the health of the digestive system of pregnant women and the fetus inside the womb of these people. Also, it is interesting to know that Pengedar Kurma Seri kembangan has a good amount of natural sugar and is rich in potassium and less sodium. As a result, it can be claimed that its consumption will help regulate the nervous system of pregnant mothers and the fetus inside their womb. In the continuation of this article, some of the most important benefits of consuming dates during pregnancy are mentioned. These include:

  1. Providing the necessary energy during pregnancy with dates:

Women’s bodies need a lot of energy during pregnancy, so consuming dates will be the fastest way to provide energy to these people’s bodies.

  1. Having an elongated and long body of the fetus by eating dates during pregnancy:

Proteins usually consist of amino acids, which make up the body cells of pregnant mothers and the fetus inside the womb of these people. According to these descriptions, in order for a child’s body to stretch and grow and have sufficient growth, it must receive enough protein from the fetal period and inside its mother’s womb. Therefore, pregnant mothers must consume enough protein to support the growth of the baby inside her womb and to meet the needs of her body.

  1. Weight control during pregnancy with dates:

Since, in order to keep the digestive system of pregnant women healthy, the body of these people should be protected from the problem of constipation, so consuming date fruit, which has a high amount of fiber, will be a good option. In addition to these cases, the consumption of date fruit can regulate the blood cholesterol level of pregnant mothers and protect the body of these people from contracting various infections. With the beginning of the pregnancy process, mothers are at risk of developing high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, and consuming a lot of fiber during this critical period will help to prevent these problems in their bodies. Finally, don’t forget that consuming date fruit during pregnancy is also very useful for maintaining a balanced weight for women.


Nuts and dried fruits are among the most useful and richest food items. These food items have high calories and can meet some of the basic needs of the human body.

Nuts can help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Properties of pistachios

Compared to brown and white nuts, pistachios are relatively low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Also, pistachios are very rich in fiber and vitamin B6 and have relatively less fat compared to other edible nuts. By reducing triglyceride levels, pistachios reduce many risk factors related to cardiovascular diseases and help heart health. Therefore, it can be replaced with carbohydrate-rich snacks.


One of the basic needs for good health is getting enough fiber. By preventing constipation, fiber can also be beneficial for the health of the digestive system because it promotes regular bowel movements by helping to form stools. In addition, the fiber in dates can help control blood sugar. Fiber also slows down digestion and can prevent blood sugar from rising too much after eating. The fiber in Pengedar Kurma Seri kembangan can help dieters feel less hungry.


The abundance of lutein, beta-carotene and vitamin E in pistachios has made pistachios one of the edible nuts useful for the heart. When 2 servings of raw pistachios (about 5 each serving) are consumed during the day, systolic blood pressure is reduced. Therefore, the level of blood cholesterol also decreases to an acceptable level. On the other hand, the compounds in pistachio maintain blood sugar balance by regulating insulin secretion in the body.


Eating pistachios improves the immune system. In addition, pistachio has antimicrobial properties and its consumption is recommended for people suffering from heart diseases. Because pistachios increase good and essential cholesterol in the body and prevent clogging of arteries. Finally, it should be said that consuming pistachios can control fat and blood pressure. Pistachios are rich in calcium, phosphorus and copper. It is also a rich source of iron. Therefore, it helps to compensate for iron deficiency in people suffering from anemia.

Pistachios contain a lot of potassium and antioxidants. Also, pistachios strengthen the cardiovascular system and the digestive system.