A Simple Guide To Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

How much iron do non-pregnant women and pregnant women need?

Non-pregnant women: 18 mg per day

Pregnant women: 27 mg of iron per day

What are the dietary sources of iron?

There are two forms of iron, one is heme iron and the other is non-heme iron. Heme iron is only found in animal sources and is easier for your body to absorb. Nonheme iron is found in plants, iron-fortified foods, and supplements. Red meat, chicken and seafood contain both iron and non-iron. To make sure you get enough iron, you should eat a variety of foods rich in both types of iron.


Red meat, poultry and fish are some of the best sources of iron. Also, although the liver provides a very high concentration of iron, it contains unsafe amounts of vitamin A, which is dangerous to consume during pregnancy; Therefore, it is better to limit the consumption of liver during pregnancy to once a month. Also, if your diet does not include animal protein, you can get iron from legumes, vegetables, and grains. The sources of heme and other iron are as follows:

Sources of heme iron: The amount of heme iron in one serving or 85 grams of the usual sources of animal protein is as follows:

85 grams of lean meat, beef neck or shoulder: 2.3 mg

85 grams of lean beef, beef fillet: 3 mg

85 grams of turkey meat, roasted: 2 mg

85 grams of turkey breast, grilled: 1/4 mg

85 grams of chicken meat, grilled: 1.1 mg

85 grams of chicken breast, grilled: 1.1 mg

Dates are the fruit of the palm tree and are a rich source of iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin A and magnesium. Consuming Pemborong Kurma Rabbi during pregnancy increases the energy level and solves digestive problems during this period.

Amount of non-heme iron: Non-heme iron is found in many plant sources, including:


One glass of soybeans, boiled: 8.8 mg

One cup of lentils, cooked: 6.6 mg

One cup of red beans, cooked: 2.5 mg

A glass of chickpeas: 4.8 mg

One cup of lima beans, cooked: 4.5 mg

85 grams of pumpkin seeds, roasted: 2.4 mg

One cup of black beans or pinto beans, cooked: 6.3 mg

A tablespoon of black molasses or black sap: 3.5 mg

Half a cup of firm tofu, raw: 4.3 mg

Half a glass of spinach, boiled: 2.3 mg

A glass of Bukhara plum juice: 3 mg

One slice of whole wheat bread or enriched white bread: 0.9 mg

A quarter cup of raisins: 0.75 mg